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What is the Cemetery Knights Hearse Club?
The Cemetery Knights is a club dedicated to one of the world's most unique vehicles, the hearse. Based in Charleston, WV the hearse club attends many car shows and events around the local area as well as surrounding states. We try to have a meeting at least once a month, like us on facebook at for annoucements of when and where these meetings will be held. Our facebook is also the best place to find current info on events we are attending and cancellations.

Do I have to own a hearse to join the Cemetery Knights?
No, though hearse ownership is definitely encouraged. Also you might experience a bit of ridicule if you do not, but it will be all in fun. Actually an interest in things Halloween, scary movies, or haunted attractions will also gain you some respect.

What are the requirements for membership?
Your first born... But, seriously, we are just a fun loving group who likes to get together and have fun. So really the only current requirement for membership is to come and hang out. Currently you need to attend at least one club event a year to maintain membership, but come on, there is nothing sexy about underachievement so everyone should try to do better than the minimum.

I own a (insert non-hearse car here), will my car be welcome in the Cemetery Knights.
Most of us are car people, so in all honesty your non-hearse car would be welcome in the club and at 99% of the events we attend. We even have a special place to put pictures of your non-hearse on the website. However, there are a few hearse, haunted attraction and halloween related events and parades we are asked to participate in where only hearses are expected. However, YOUR attendence would be most welcome, and really, isn't this just another good reason to start shopping for a hearse?





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